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So after a long delay I’ve been back to gaming pretty much in all my spare time again and especially catching up on some Skyrim.  Man, I can’t believe I let myself go months without playing this.  I picked right up where I left off and have been having a blast.   I bought a Skyrim guide and got some cool tips out of it that have resulted in me having even more fun playing Skyrim.

And obviously I need to cram all the Skyrim time humanly possible into the next two months because in October two of the most anticipated releases FINALLY come out: BioShock 3 and Assassin’s Creed 3!  So heck yeah I’ll be living at my computer for a few months playing those two games (how will I choose? LOL) but for now, it’s time to slay some dragons.


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This was a cool video I found of Skyrim spells in action.  I need to do a search for some kind of Skyrim guide to spells because I see other players doing some really awesome stuff that I can’t figure out how to do.

Mass Effect 3 is here!

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I had been busy lately so no time to talk about this game yet (or hardly play it) but I’ve got it now!  To be honest once the thrill of playing ME3 wore off I wasn’t as excited anymore but I still like the game.  I guess after the hype and the wait I was expecting either something that closed Mass Effect’s story with a huge bang or a game that propelled the series into a whole different level of legend.  Sadly, it accomplished neither, in my opinion.


My favorite things about ME3:

Improved graphics (aliens, ships, explosions)

Space battles are extra thrilling


What I hated about ME3:

The ending (seriously?  WTF!)

The human graphics (how is it that a game with such beautiful ships and aliens still has human characters that look like they came from a 1990’s game?).


Damn, I tried to find more to like but I can’t.   I don’t think I’ll be keeping this game.  Time to trade it in while I can still get a decent price for it!

Big revamp for Grand Theft Auto 5

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Can you say HECK YEAH?  Lots of rumors hitting the boards about GTA 5 lately and I bet lots of them leaked by Rock Star to mess with people, but one of the ones I believe is that the game will have multiple playable characters from different points of view.  I don’t even see this as a rumor so much as confirmation that Rockstar is correcting a very big mistake that they have been making since they came out with the first GTA.

As great a game as GTA IV was, I don’t personally know anyone who was terribly pumped to play it a second time after completing the game the first time.  Oh yeah, lots of us couldn’t wait to play it again, but did you actually make it all the way to the end the second time?  Didn’t think so.

Time for some Alan Wake!

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Man, I totally forgot about this game!  Something I need to definitely check out.  The look of it (plus the fact that it’s set in the Pacific Northwest) gives it a slight Twin Peaks vibe that I dig very much.   Was going to rent it first, but midway through posting this it was “add to cart” and then “checkout” baby!


I’m not gonna whine, but I have been a UFC fan for 10 years.  10 years!  After gaming it is probably my biggest love.   So how do you think I feel that they keep releasing their game for Playstation and X-Box only?  WTF!  Do they not realize what a huge segment of gamers are strictly playing PC games?  If you want to go after the console sheep, be my guest.  I agree that people willing to spend $400.00 on game consoles that break every few months over and over until the warranty expires and you’re SOL is smart.  The bigger the sucker the better the customer.  I get it.  But why ignore those of us who love to play video games and love UFC, but just got no love for $ony or Micro$oft?


For real, I’m tired of seeing displays for UFC Undisputed 3 all over Walmart and the mall knowing I can’t play it.  I can understand (actually I can’t, but I’m trying) with the first game maybe they wanted to play it safe and limit the number of platforms in case the game bombed, but going on version 3 and still no PC edition?  EPIC FAIL, UFC!!!!!

Skyrim leveling up video

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Very cool video to level up in Skyrim